Our projects

The EEKTTK cluster currently does not have any employees—financial resources for paying salaries are not created and secured. All activities are carried out by members on a voluntary basis, without any financial remuneration. We are solving this situation inside the cluster and preparing to participate in planned projects where there is an opportunity to create jobs for cluster members.

RCOH Project

Memorandum of Cooperation

The main objective of the Memorandum is to cooperate on the creation of a platform for the establishment of the Project „Regional Centre of Circular Economy“ in the Trnava Region (hereinafter referred to as RCOH). The content of the project is devoted to the systemic transition to a circular economy, raising awareness of various forms of civic participation, creating opportunities, searching for opportunities for involving citizens in decision-making processes at local and regional level and increasing citizens‘ engagement in public affairs.

Regional Capacities Project

The main objective of the national project Capacities for the Regions, which SIEA is preparing, is to create suitable conditions for the establishment and functioning of long-term professional energy capacities that will help increase the energy self-sufficiency of regions. SIEA, in cooperation with regional governments of Slovakia, will build a network of 23 regional sustainable energy centres and a network of 8 regional energy centres. The establishment and operation of the centres will be financed from the Slovakia Programme. This will lay the foundations for the development of a high-quality and systematic regional energy and climate policy. In one of the 23 regional centres, we want to place our energy experts within the Trnava region.

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