Activities of the cluster

  1. providing comprehensive services in the areas of information databases, communication support and consulting for members of the Association and partnering entities in promoting their legitimate interests, opinions, viewpoints and concepts of development of energy, economic, innovation and environmental topics;
  2. developing and supporting joint projects in the field of investment, production, construction; implementation of smart technologies in energy, environmental, ecology; planning, innovation and related economy, as well as circular economy;
  3. joint management and realization of activities such as marketing, organization of congresses, conferences, workshops, excursions, competitions, accompanying publishing, publication, advertising and promotional activities;
  4. establishing and institutionalizing international cooperation in the subject area and development of the domestic business environment, cooperation with national and regional agencies, bodies and organizations of public administration and business sector;
  5. representation of common legitimate interests of members of the Association and professional public, issuing joint statements on important social and regional issues and problems in energy, innovation and ecology, elaboration of expert opinions, assessments, studies and concepts in respective key areas;
  6. cooperation with similarly program-oriented associations of legal entities in accordance with joint national programs and activities;
  7. elaboration of original comprehensive supporting projects and programs for members and partners of the Association;
  8. designing, procuring and developing projects and products that aim to be financed from the European Structural and Investment Funds, state and regional governments, municipalities as well as foundations and funds, development programs and loans;
  9. development and management of new investment opportunities in the Trnava region, elaboration of energy and environmental concepts and programs of sustainable development;
  10. applied research, development, and innovation in STEM; processing, valuation and auditing of projects or investments; elaboration of professional and expert opinions in energy, ecology, construction, engineering, science, research, development, and technical innovations and related fields with our professionally qualified members of the Association;
  11. development and implementation of professional and specialized educational projects and programs, including within the framework of social inclusion for members and partners of the Association and within cluster platforms to support cross-border and international cooperation;
  12. (l) supporting Association members in the pro-export activities and products as well as in creation of green economy projects, digitization, and building resilience against negative market impacts;
  13. development of Association’s project communication: meetings of the bodies of the Association, operation of a common communication and information platform on the established official website of the Association, printed materials, channels on social networks for communication with the professional public;
  14. creating conditions for members of the Association to prevent of corruption and money laundering.

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