Personal data protection and GDPR

We ensure comprehensive implementation of personal data protection system:

  • Impact assessment on personal data protection
  • Typological assessment of processing operations
  • planning and design of technical, personnel and organizational measures to mitigate risks,
  • implementation of measures in your GDPR project

Registry management

We design registry management processes. The implementation includes preparation of documentation for legal entities according to law: Registry Rules and Registry Plan.

Furthermore, we provide the organization and handling of registry records and files, including the decommissioning procedure and professional training of employees.

Anti money laundering

We provide implementation of anti money laundering system of protection. We develop programs and activities aimed at combating money laundering, financing terrorism, and professional training employees of liable entities.

ISO 37001 certification consulting

We offer help in the process of preparation, implementation and participation in the certification of the organization. We provide consultancy in the preparation of the management system, documentation—policy, goals and anti-corruption measures, and internal audits—which will create conditions for preventing, detecting and solving corruption in organizations.

We will design a system for managing corruption risks in organizations related to bribery in both active and passive form, as well as in relation to your business partners.

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