OZ Voda pre klímu

Voda pre klímu, o.z. is an association specializing in environmental technologies. It was established on the basis of a civic initiative with the aim to create a broad platform – a community of professionals developing connections and solutions for mitigating the impacts of global climate change and warming of the city of Trnava, the Trnava region, and beyond.

Trnava is the center of a whole large agro-industrial agglomeration located in a region suffering from drought, lack of water and green spaces. It is therefore essential to coordinate the countermeasures. Our aim is to create a broad platform for cooperation of people of different orientations, which will not divide the proposed measures into only water management, or only in agriculture, or only in the city. We want to look for solutions with a comprehensive and synergistic impact on the entire environment.

We perceive water as a basic tool for regulating energy flows in the environment around us, as a basic tool for revitalizing the environment and increasing biodiversity. As a means of cooling the environment, which must go in synergy with the restoration and preservation of greenery.

About us